A visit from Vic Police: Harry, Eloise and Olivia, Year 11 Legal Studies students

The Year 11 Legal Studies classes were visited by Victoria Police Constable Krygger this week – but it wasn’t because we did something wrong! He spoke to us about his career and what it means to be a police officer. He was very engaging and passionate about his career and both classes found it very beneficial to hear the practical side to the theory we are studying.

Constable Krygger explained the rights that police and individuals have during arrest and bail as well as how it fits into the criminal law topic we are studying. He spoke at length about the different type of work he does, whether it be a watch house or van work shift, and about what he carries around with him on duty. We were a little disappointed that he couldn’t take out his baton or gun in the classroom!

We were all really interested to hear about how pepper spray is used, and what chemicals in it cause the painful stinging reaction. Constable Krygger explained that during their training, police officers used to have to walk through a room filled with pepper spray so they would understand what it can be like. This was because when they would spray, it would often create a cloud and police could be affected by it. Fortunately this doesn’t happen anymore.

He concluded by sharing some of his personal experiences from his time as a police officer. We found this captivating and were very thankful that he made the effort to come out and talk to us.

Harry, Eloise and Olivia
Year 11 Legal Studies students