Explore Carey from home through our new virtual tours!

Usually every March and August, we welcome the extended community to our school section Open Morning events to show our school at work. These are a lot of fun, with students taking guests on tours of our campuses and huge numbers of people visiting us to find out what Carey is all about.

We were so disappointed to have to cancel our March Open Mornings this year, but from the disappointment has come an equally fun and informative way to tour Carey’s campuses: introducing Carey’s Virtual Tours!

We’d like to invite you to explore the School from home with guided tours from the Heads of Senior School, Middle School and the Junior Schools; 360 degree views of some of the best parts of our campuses; and an extensive list of frequently asked questions for each school section.

Whether you’re interested to learn more about the next phase of your child’s journey through Carey, or you’d like to get a better look at some of our learning spaces and more insight into what our students get up to, the immersive Virtual Tours are a creative and entertaining way to visit Carey without having to leave the house.

Community Engagement