Students in space: Tony, Year 11 & Eric, Year 8

This year was Carey’s first year competing in the Space Design Competition Australia program. We had two teams competing: one team in the Junior Space Design Competition (Year 5–Year 8) and the other team in the Australian Space Design Competition (Year 9–Year 12).

Our team for the Junior Space Design Competition comprised four students from Junior School Kew and Middle School. Our task in the competition was to take on the role of a marketing agency given the task to create and advertise a space settlement business hub orbiting Earth that would attract people from other space settlements. The competition was set in the year 2054, where the space economy is dominating the economy back on Earth with more and more people willing to come to space. We were entrusted with US$60 trillion to spend over 50 years, trying to attract investors along the way. We were marked on creativity, plausibility, thoroughness and balance. Throughout Term 3 and 4 we put together a PowerPoint showcasing the design of Columbiat, our space settlement. Everyone in the group put in their best effort spending every Monday after school meeting to work on task. Unfortunately, we narrowly missed out on making the top four teams, but the relationships and friendships we made along the way is what Carey is all about.

Our team for the Australian Space Design Competition comprised 10 students from Middle School and Senior School. Our team, SpaceC, was required to propose a design for a space settlement which would primarily serve the residents of cis-lunar space. The proposal needs to contain detailed business, developmental, constructional and operational planning. During the process of designing, our team members were required to apply many of the Positive Learner Attributes to our work, which allowed us to improve on our already existing skills. For example, creativity and imagination were two essential skills in the early stages of designing our space complex. It was also critical for us to have great communication and collaborative skills as working well as a team is a key element of the project. Through the developing process of our design, our team members were able to further develop a variety of skills that can be applied to many other areas. Our team did a fantastic job for our first year in this competition obtaining a remarkable result among the other incredible schools.

We look forward to working on this again next year!

Tony, Year 11, and Eric, Year 8
Space Design Competitors