The last kilometre

I often tell the students in assemblies or meetings that their time in Senior School is like running a marathon. It is a big journey, with plenty of ups and downs along the way and their final IB or VCE examinations are the final kilometre or two of their twelve years of schooling. The habits and experiences they have had at school inside and outside of the classroom have all been part of their amazing journey. Hopefully by the end of their time they leave Carey happy, wise and independent learners.

One of my favourites stories is of the first ever London Marathon, held 1981. It was to witness a great show of sportsmanship and unity which have since become a feature of the annual event. American Dick Beardsley and Norwegian Inge Simonsen shared victory when they crossed the line hand in hand in a time of two hours, 11 minutes and 48 seconds. About seven hours after the start, Marie Dominque de Groot from France and David Gaiman from the UK ran past the finish line holding hands as the final contestants to finish. What a wonderful sense of unity and example these athletes – no matter their ability – conveyed during this competition! And likewise, what an amazing journey our Year 12 students have endured this COVID-19 year. With examinations delayed in the VCE, the extra kilometre or two was tested but time and time again, but it was so lovely to see students who had already completed their examinations coming in to help other students all continually showed random acts of kindness and unity as a year level.

Next week, our School Leaders for 2021 will take part in a Leadership camp of sorts. Unfortunately, we are unable to go away this year, but it will be held at the Carey Kew Sports Complex. Early next term, these students will be taking on a number of responsibilities within the school. Our nucleus of school life at Carey is the House System, a tradition of cross-age learning communities in which older students are empowered to take a great deal of responsibility for themselves and are also entrusted to serve younger students. This includes roll call, House meetings and competitions. We reaffirm a philosophy which shares significant responsibility with our students, uses older students to train and model the way for younger students and is founded on the conviction that a leader is the servant of their group.

Christian Gregory
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Welfare