Chaplain’s Corner – Senior School

The Sea of Galilee teams with life – fish, plant life and sea creatures. About 140km south from there is the Dead Sea. It is the exact opposite – nothing survives, hence its name. Why the difference? The Jordan River flows into the Sea of Galilee, and water flows from this sea back into the Jordan. The river continues to flow south into the Dead Sea, however no water flows out from there. It receives but does not give, whereas the Sea of Galilee not only receives, but also gives. Herein is a wonderful principle for a fulfilling life. Those who are kind, generous, compassionate and who orient their lives to serving others are good people to be around. They are life-givers. They have a positive attitude and attract like-minded people. They stand for the Sea of Galilee.

I read last week of a mother travelling with her nine-month-old daughter on a train. Just before getting off the train, an elderly gentleman handed the mother $20 enclosed in a note, telling her to invest the money for her daughter’s college education. The mother was so grateful that she posted it on social media, thanking the ‘kind stranger in a suit’. Many responded positively to her post – but can you believe that some even had the lack of grace to criticise the man because he wrote ‘college’ instead of ‘university’ in his note? No prizes for guessing which sea those people represent.

Incidentally, Jesus spent much of his time either around or on the Sea of Galilee. His life wonderfully demonstrated the principle that the Sea of Galilee so powerfully alludes to.

Grace and peace, 

Gerry Riviere
enior School Chaplain