Chaplain’s Corner – Senior School

There are some events in our lives that reinforce what we already know, but which we don’t generally dwell on. And that is that time waits for no one.

We are reminded of this at a funeral of an elderly person, with the slideshow of photos from throughout their life. We are reminded when we see a young relative for the first time in a while and notice how much they’ve grown. We’re reminded every time a champion sportsperson announces their retirement (the day will come when even Roger will hang up his racquet!)

This week, we are reminded of the passage of time as we farewell our Year 12s.

I teach across both Donvale and Kew campuses and can clearly remember teaching the Donvale students when they were in Year 3 and used to sit around my knees as I told them the bible stories. Now they are just a day or two from completing their time at Carey. Hours quickly run into days, which run into weeks and months. Before we know it, within a relatively short time, our Prep child is preparing for their Year 12 exams. One phase of their life is drawing to a close – and a new one will soon begin.

As I was signing the plates that will go into the bible they will receive, I thought of the interactions I had with them. Incidents which, at the time, did not seem very significant, but now bring a smile because it has turned into a good memory. Each day matters, encounters matter and seeming insignificant conversations can be life changing.

No wonder the bible encourages us to number our days well. Too many people think they have time on their side and so put off important things because ‘one day they will get around to it.’ Every day is a gift. Every day presents possibilities to encourage, to build up, to inspire, to love. Any stage in our lives is the right time to express kindness and compassion. Reflecting on matters of faith and life is good to do at any time.

I wish the Year 12s God’s blessing as they soon commence another phase of their lives. I trust the lessons they have learned at Carey will inspire them to live courageously and faithfully.

Peace and grace,

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain