Chaplain’s Corner – Senior School

I love my job here at Carey, but I also enjoy the Sunday night of a long weekend – especially the Sunday night of the Melbourne Cup weekend. Four days to connect with family and friends as well as catching up on a few jobs that in the course of our busy lives simply keep getting put off.

On Sunday I had lunch with my 91-year-old mother who speaks quietly, so a busy and noisy café setting is not a conducive environment for ongoing conversation. I almost put my back out (not to mention potentially spilling my soup) leaning across the table to hear what she was saying. Judging by her expression I think I said, ‘That’s right’, ‘It is hard to believe’, ‘Yes I understand’ at the right times, despite having no idea what was being said. Old age presents many challenges, as those of you with aging parents will know. Then on Tuesday we had the family around for a lunch, including my four-month-old grandson. There’s something about babies that demand our attention. Time seems to stand still holding a baby – especially when they are contented and place their hand upon ours.

Within the space of two days I spent time with the oldest and the youngest members of my family. I thought of the legacy my mother has created and the sacrifices she and my father had made as they raised five children on one moderate wage. I also thought of the world my grandson was entering – a world of many opportunities but also some profound challenges. The old and the young remind us of the circle of life and how time does indeed pass quickly. May the blessing of our legacy continue through our generations. May our families experience God’s grace and love in a world that often does not reflect his will.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain