The Simultaneous Challenge: Eric, Year 9

A few weeks ago, ten Carey students were invited to participate in an inter-school collaboration event called the Simultaneous Challenge with four other schools: Genazzano College, Kingswood College, MLC and Scotch College.

Together, we were faced with a challenge of solving a world issue proposed by UNESCO, such as ocean pollution, poverty or the global warming crisis. This was quite similar to the Carey Design Thinking Challenge we participated in last year in Term 4. The purpose of the challenge was to inspire teenagers to realise the severity of these issues and how we, as young people, can have an impact.

We were grouped in teams of four with each school having a member in each group. This meant that over the eight-week process, we were met with a new level of challenge, needing to collaborate online and face-to-face with many students from the other schools. We needed to work together as a team and we faced difficult but rewarding milestones. We communicated on the computer, shared ideas with people we have never met and worked together extremely efficiently. We researched the topic that the team had decided on and finished with a final product which was presented in an expo style with a stand where teachers, students and parents could pose questions and examine our solutions.

Throughout the Simultaneous Challenge, we had many new and exciting experiences that helped us develop skills that will be essential throughout our lives, such as collaboration, creativity and curiosity. It is definitely something I’d encourage other students to participate in next year. Learning to think outside the box and think critically about serious problems will broaden your insight into humanity. I guarantee it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Year 9 student