In a world filled with bad news, it was wonderful to celebrate the recent amazing rescue in Thailand of the 12 young boys and their coach.

The rescue team’s logistics, teamwork and bravery were remarkable. The soccer team, like all young people around the world, are curious, wanted to explore, and enjoyed testing the boundaries in the good company of friends. Luckily, in this case, one poor decision did not cost them their lives.

Their bravery was remarkable. Imagine spending two weeks inside a dark cave, including nine days without food, no light, poor sanitation, no love or support from family. And while dealing with these conditions there was the constant threat of the cave filling with water and running out of oxygen or food.

How would a Carey soccer team of the same age cope in the same situation? Luckily they won’t be stuck in a cave in Thailand, but there will be other moments at school and in life where they will need to be incredibly resilient. The development of such resilience has to start early, be regularly practiced, and occur both at home and at school. 

2018 Independent Schools Victoria Parent Satisfaction Survey
Carey is once again taking part in a series of satisfaction surveys conducted by Independent Schools Victoria. The opinion of the whole Carey community is valuable to us, so we will be inviting students, parents, staff and Board members to participate. The aim of the survey is to gain general feedback and understand your perceptions regarding the quality of your experience at Carey. The information obtained will be used by us to evaluate feedback, in order to improve the quality of education at the School for students, and will enable benchmarking of the school against other independent schools.

The 2018 survey links will be emailed to parents in the week commencing Monday 30 July. The survey will close on Friday 24 August. We encourage all members of the community to participate, the information we gain has proven immensely valuable in the past. Please be assured that the information you provide in the survey is completely anonymous. We look forward to receiving your 2018 feedback.

Philip Grutzner