Exciting news from our Principal

Last week, the Chair of the Melbourne Grammar School Council, Michael Bartlett, announced to the Melbourne Grammar community that I have been appointed to be the next Headmaster of the School. I will commence at Melbourne Grammar at the start of 2020. I am thrilled to be appointed to such a prestigious position and to be the first Melbourne Grammar alumnus in the School’s 161-year history to be appointed as Headmaster. More details about this announcement can be found here.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the Carey school community for 10 years. When I leave Carey at the end of this year, there is so much that I will be grateful for, including:

  • the wonderful education my two daughters received at Carey
  • the opportunity to work with so many highly dedicated, professional and wonderful staff
  • the support and commitment from current and past members of our School Management Team
  • the tremendous range of opportunities available at Carey that positively impact on our students
  • the ability to implement plans that will continue to have a positive impact on current and future generations of Carey students
  • the whole school engagement covering students, staff, parents, alumni and volunteers
  • being part of a community that has such a positive vibe, a strong culture of care for each other and seeing that care extend beyond ourselves and our school community through a large range of social justice and service programs.

Above all, I will be never forget the daily interactions with our students and seeing them embrace life, each other and the range of opportunities at Carey.

With so much support from our school community I will continue to work towards a smooth transition to the next Principal of Carey so that together we ensure that Carey remains a warm, engaging, inclusive and incredibly successful school.

Kind Regards,

Philip Grutzner