Last week, the Prep classes from Kew Junior School were summoned to the Principal’s office for an important meeting with Mr Grutzner. Fortunately it was not due to any misdemeanours, instead it was part of the annual meet and greet that enables our Prep students to get to know the big boss a little better.

While waiting in the corridor outside the Principal’s office, one of the students from Prep S quietly announced that she was planning a ‘sneak attack’ on Mr Grutzner. How she planned on carrying out this ‘sneak attack’ we will never know because Mr Grutzner beat her to it with a loud “BOO!” as he jumped out from behind his door! From that moment on, he had won the Preps over.

Once all seated on the office floor, the students took turns in standing up to introduce themselves and tell Mr Grutzner what their favourite thing was about Carey. The library and sport were popular favourites amongst the students. The tuck shop also got a late mention. And one student showed the potential for a successful career in diplomacy by saying that meeting Mr Grutzner was his favourite part about Carey.

Once the introductions were completed, it was story time as Mr Grutzner read The Story of the Little Mole Who went in Search of Whodunit to the students. Although he ‘accidentally’ seemed to stray from the words a few times, the students kept him on track and made sure that the integrity of the storyline was maintained.

Fun was had by all of the Prep classes that visited Mr Grutzner and it was an important part of further welcoming the Prep students into the School community.