Senior Ensemble Auditions

As the year draws rapidly to a close for our senior musicians, we are looking forward to putting our senior ensembles together for 2020. Auditions will occur in the first few weeks of this term, and students have been preparing audition material for some weeks now. We audition students each year for a number of reasons. An audition gives us wonderfully clear picture of how a student has progressed from year to year, which in turn allows us to accurately place students in an ensemble which will provide an appropriate, meaningful and authentic performance experience for them. The auditions also allow staff to consider the best possible repertoire for each ensemble, as clearly understanding what our musicians are capable of as they progress through the program facilitates informed decisions with student learning and enjoyment front of mind.

Auditions can sometimes be a daunting experience for students, and the prospect of performing to a panel can be the cause of some anxiety. Like many such experiences however, the end result is often a sense of accomplishment and reward for sustained effort, and we encourage our musicians to see auditions as an opportunity to demonstrate their developing skills and musicianship as they grow into fine young performers.

Jazz at the Copa
On Wednesday 15 October (next week) our big bands and small jazz groups will gather for our annual Jazz Night, Jazz at the Copa. Tickets for this fabulous event can be purchased from TryBooking and include a Brazilian barbecue dinner. We look forward to seeing you at Jazz at the Copa!

Upcoming Events

Jazz at the Copa
Wednesday 15 October, 7.00pm
Copacabana International

Senior School Speech Night
Monday 21 October, 7.00pm
Melbourne Town Hall

Nick Mulder
Head of Performing Arts