Carey's Symphony Orchestra goes platinum

On Tuesday this week, our Symphony Orchestra performed at the Victorian School Music Festival (VSMF). Each year, this festival provides an opportunity for our young musicians to perform at venues around Melbourne in front of their peers from other schools and specialist adjudicators. Ensembles receive an onstage tutorial from the chief adjudicator and directors undertake professional development through conducting tutorials and video reviews of their conducting.

This year, Carey’s Symphony Orchestra was the first of a large number of groups to perform at VSMF throughout the year, and it certainly began with a bang, with the Orchestra receiving a platinum award. An achievement like this is made possible by a number of inter-related aspects of the program.

Places in Symphony Orchestra, as with all senior ensembles, are highly sought after, and students earn these places through an audition each year. It is not the assumption that a student will automatically be in a group just because they were a member in the previous year, and this is because it is critical for students to value their place in the ensemble. Every member of our senior ensembles is important to the sound, blend and balance of that group, and a great deal of care is taken when players are selected for particular roles. In addition, the success of ensembles depends on the musicians preparing music before rehearsals. Rather than learning individual parts, rehearsals can then be focussed on developing skills in the context of particular instrumental or vocal sections, and the entire group. The cohesion, precision and finesse of a truly superb performance is only made possible by the commitment of each player as the ensemble develops throughout the year.

A platinum award at the Victoria School Music Festival is certainly something to be celebrated, and we warmly congratulate Carey’s Symphony Orchestra and their directors, Martin Arnold and Sally Davis. We wish them every success as they continue to strive to perform at the highest level.

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Nick Mulder
Head of Performing Arts