How many students are in your Middle School?
There are around 630 students in Years 7–9, with 210 at each year level.

How big are your classes?
Classes have around 26 students for core studies and around 20 students in practical subjects like Design and Technology.

Is there a gender balance?
Across Middle School we maintain an even gender balance.

Are there opportunities for leadership?
There are many formal and informal leadership roles available in Year 9 for School Co-captains, Music and House Leaders. All Year 8 students are involved in Leadership Training in the end of the year program. In Middle School, we consider all Year 9 students to be leaders as they are constant role models for younger students.

How is your program tailored for this age group?
We understand the learning and social development needs of the adolescent years as young people develop greater independence and self-reliance. The broad range of experiences and the timing of our interdisciplinary programs across the three years ensure students grow and learn as much about themselves as they do about those with whom they form lasting friendships and relationships.