It would be hard to overstate the range of challenges and choices on offer in our elective program, because there really is something for everyone.

You can examine the positive and negative impact of tourism around the world; create computer animations and video effects; design your own fashion; explore the role that sport has played in Australia’s history; share your passion for literature or creative writing; study how to create more convincing characters in a stage performance; learn about the roles of lateral and logical thinking in maths; take a ‘hands-on’ instrumental jazz class; explore the principles of mechanics, physics and design by engineering your own medieval machines; sharpen your observational skills by learning to draw with a variety of different media; or investigate a passion through Follow Your Interest (FYI). You can explore the full list of more than 50 Elective and Specialisation subjects on Pathways at Carey.

For more information, about Middle School curriculum, please refer to Pathways at Carey.