The Middle School’s ‘Challenge and Choice’ motto finds expression in a number of special aspects of the Learning Program and co-curricular activities in Middle School. 

Traditional subjects are enhanced with Specialisation and Elective units, taken for a semester, that provide a more in-depth understanding of a specific topic, cater for individual abilities and allow students to explore new areas of interest. A continually changing range of excursions takes them beyond the School, and visiting speakers give presentations to classes in various subjects.

At Carey, we expect our students to be active and responsible participants in their own learning. In Middle School, we help them to understand their own abilities, interests and learning styles. Our teachers help each student to develop clear learning goals and strategies to achieve them. They give clear and constructive feedback on how students are progressing to that they can move forward with confidence. Increasingly, this is being achieved in an online environment so that parents can track progress too.

Middle School’s policy of ‘real world learning’ also challenges students to explore beyond their physical and emotional boundaries. They visit rural, urban and remote locations throughout the state, exploring the different natural and built environments of Victoria, and the way in which people live, work and play. Every student in Middle School studies a different interdisciplinary unit each year, spending some time learning on location beyond the boundaries of Kew. Experiential, interdisciplinary learning encourages students to observe the world around them and to gain a deep and holistic understanding of the natural and human systems at work in each place.

The co-curricular program at Carey also provides experience and training in activities that can enrich students’ lives well beyond their school years and expand their friendship groups. There is something at Carey to suit every child’s interests and passions.

For more information, about Middle School curriculum, please refer to Pathways at Carey.