We would like to thank the amazing Carey Kew community for a wonderful year with OSHClub.

Despite the difficulties encountered with COVID-19, we had so much fun.

We witnessed the children grow not only physically, but developmentally, and it makes us proud to know that in some way we are helping shape the citizens of tomorrow through a fun, engaging and value-added program.

We listen to the children’s needs and wants and have created a program where their voices are heard, and their wishes are embedded in the activities provided. This led us to begin a sewing club, and we will look to create many other clubs in the new year ahead.

The combination of ELC and Junior School children in the same building has created the opportunity to better cater for all levels. We have seen how thoughtful and caring Junior School children are when relating to the ELC children. They nurture those relationships with care, respect and positive supervision.

Their smiles, and lack of a desire to go home every afternoon, is what confirms that we are in the right track to make the OSHClub Carey Kew a benchmark service.

We look forward to having your children back and welcoming many more in 2021.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a new year of happiness and health.

OshClub Carey Kew Team