Tropfest winners share their skills

Former Carey students Brendan Pinches and David Cleeve recently won Tropfest 2019 with their documentary ‘Be You T. Fool’. Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival, making this a momentous achievement. 

On Monday last week, Brendan and Dave visited Ms Baumann’s Year 11 VCE Media class to talk about how they made the film and the best lessons they learned along the way.

The short film is about a Melbourne street artist who creates caricature portraits exhibited on Chandler Highway bridge. We started by learning how they came up with the idea for the documentary and then what it felt like to win Tropfest. We then went on to discuss the stages of production for a documentary, from the initial idea all the way up to distribution. They taught us about all the different pieces of equipment that were helpful for them to use on their documentary, and how we can use them with our own media projects.

One of the biggest things they emphasised was the importance of being adaptable. For example, when they were developing ‘Be You T. Fool’, they had no idea how much space they were going to have to film inside the artist’s studio. They initially planned to have a different set of shot types, but when they turned up to film at the studio, they found they had very little space, certainly not enough to set up a tripod and have three people in the same room. They needed to work around this, be flexible and be creative with their use of space.

Brendan and Dave shared lots of helpful tips, like don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and be resilient. Keep trying even if you get knocked down with negative comments. We are very thankful they took the time to come and talk to us, we definitely benefited from it.

Year 11 VCE Media student