Carey is proud to share our 2017 Year 12 results. These results reflect the dedication and perseverance of our students over many years at Carey. In partnership with our parents, our sincere thanks go to our outstanding team of teaching and professional support staff for their hard work and dedication in support of our students, not just at the Year 12 level, but throughout the student’s Carey journey. We know our students, staff, and parents are committed to enabling each student to achieve their best. There is enormous pride in student achievement that is a result of perseverance and focus. 

The Year 12 Class of 2017 achieved excellent academic results:

  • 21% of ATAR scores were above 95 (in the top 5% of Australia)
  • 63.5% of all ATAR scores were 80 or above (in the top 20% of Australia)
  • The Carey median ATAR is 87.25
  • Our IB Average score of 36.2 is well above the worldwide average.
  • 11 students, from IB and VCE programs, obtained ATAR scores of 99 or above; and
  • The 2017 Dux of Carey is Lorna Pellegrino who obtained a perfect IB score of 45 out of 45, which translates to the highest possible ATAR score of 99.95. The top VCE score was obtained by Adam Niu who achieved an ATAR score of 99.55.

We celebrate the success of those who placed themselves amongst the highest academic achievers in Victoria.  We are also proud of those students may not have achieved high ATAR scores, but did their personal best and, in most cases, will continue study next year in one of their preferred courses. Many have overcome learning difficulties and personal hardships. So many have been great citizens and contributors to Carey and the broader community and will continue to create positive change in their lives beyond Carey. 

Our combined VCE and IB statistics would place us very high in VCE results reporting in various newspapers and websites.  Whilst these published rankings are not adjusted and republished when the IB results are made available in January, as a School we publish the combined results and take great pride in our complete year 12 academic achievements.

At Carey, we remain steadfastly committed to our open enrolment policy. From the VCE to the IB; from VET to Distance Education, the suite of curriculum offerings enables our students to explore their interests; develop a pathway and pursue their passion.

Based on our strong academic results and record, we anticipate almost all of our 2017 cohort will go onto University - with over half getting their first preference and 90% getting one of their first three preferences.  It is an affirmation of the culture at Carey that they will continue their journey as life-long learners. We know their pursuit of academic learning will continue to be important, but their future happiness and success will be more greatly determined by their values, hard work and the quality of their relationships.

We are proud of the way our Year 12 class have embraced opportunities and extended themselves, not only academically but through cocurricular and social justice pursuits.

We recognise that our students are more than the sum of their academic results and are confident they enter the next stage of their lives well prepared to take on challenges with courage, compassion and intelligence.

We congratulate each member of our Year 12 Class of 2017 and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.

Philip Grutzner