A rapture based on creative concepts and developing a design thinking approach to art and design were the general themes of guest speaker Julian Ditchburn’s opening speech for this year’s annual Carey Art & Design Exhibition – illustrating the transformational nature of art and design through a concerted dedication, resilience and determination required by contemporary young men and women embarking on a career in the arts or design industries. Artists and designers today create immersive and expanded environments through their pursuit into the issues of human consciousness, the power of technological change, and the questioning of social and political norms.

Powerful contemporary art and design is not divorced from the cultural, political, social and climatic environments in which it is generated. This is the ‘Rapture’ we seek to inspire in our students at Carey, and what is generally supported in the Art and Design Institutions around Australia and throughout the world.

Julian’s speech set the tone for the opening night, and was also symbolic of the determination and creative drive presented throughout this year’s Art and Design Exhibition. An exhibition shaped by the desire to voice a conceptual and personal narrative through the visual mediums of visual communication design, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, digital art, sculpture, textiles, food studies, wood and metal fabrication, and conceptual design thinking priorities developed to give our students the frameworks to develop such fine pieces of finished art and design.

Our pedagogical frameworks within our curriculum at our Senior Kew campus encourage our students to develop their personal language through a global contemporary understanding of culture and the interdisciplinary practices currently undertaken within the contemporary art and design diaspora.

Simon Carver
Leader of Learning – Art & Design