Commitment is the key to music mastery

This week, the Senior School held their annual Speech Night at the Melbourne Town Hall. The many speeches and presentations were interspersed with a number of musical performances from our top level performing arts ensembles. The overall musical standard was extremely impressive. There were several Middle School students performing in these ensembles, and we congratulate them on their role in these accomplished groups. As we witness our mature and accomplished musicians performing so confidently at the highest levels, it is good to remember that many of them started their musical journey in the Year 7 program, and through persistence, worked their way through the Performing Arts program, developing their skills and confidence along the way.

As the Middle School musical year concludes, we are currently actively encouraging our students to commit to ensemble groups for 2020. In some cases this involves auditions, and in other cases simply expressing an interest and/or enrolling to continue instrumental tuition next year.

Musical mastery requires a regular commitment to building skills over a long period of time. In some senses this is a concept that runs across the grain of aspects of popular culture, where short time spans, quick satisfaction and frequent change is promoted. However as was evident at Speech Night, a prolonged commitment to performing arts involvement can provide a wonderful sense of achievement and lasting personal satisfaction.

We are currently preparing the program for our Middle School Presentation Night. It is the only occasion for the school year where our entire community comes together in the one place to share the achievements of the year. We are working as always to develop an engaging program with a high level of student involvement so as to joyfully celebrate another very productive year.

Martin Arnold
Head of Music