Making progress

It was a very productive first week of the April holidays for the 75 Middle School students who were totally immersed in Matilda rehearsals. It is such a joy to watch the various dance sequences being built up stage-by-stage under the inspired direction of Lisa Callaghan. This year it has been wonderful to have two former Carey students, Amy Thyer and Olivia Jackson, assisting with development of the show. By the end of the week we were able to run all of Act One with quite a strong sense of continuity and story. Band rehearsals are also now well underway with our many young players. Tim Minchin’s music is very challenging, with each musician facing 70 or more pages of complex music – but is also colourful and engaging. Luckily there are not quite as many key changes as we had last year in Mary Poppins! There is still a huge amount to do for cast and band, but what we have achieved so far is looking very promising.

Last weekend some 140 Middle School students were busy with three days of music making at Rutherford Park. It was a very productive learning experience for these students. The opportunity to work for extended periods free from distraction enabled a huge amount to be achieved. On the Sunday night we shared our achievements, with string groups, choirs and bands performing for one another. It is hard to imagine a nicer group of young people and it was a privilege to work with them. My sincere thanks to both the ensemble directors, the music tutors, accompanist and the ‘non-music’ pastoral staff who made this such a great three days of music. Some of this work will be on public display as our string groups attend the Victorian School Music Festival in June. Our choirs are also preparing for the Whole School Choral Concert which will be held at The Besen Centre early next term. We are looking forward to opening the concert with a festive presentation of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’!

The Chamber Choir is also involved in a very interesting project which combines science with music. Through a collaboration with Drew Berry from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research, we are providing both the music and the narration for a new animated science education film on ATP Synthesis. Two of our singers have already recorded the narration for the film, and we are currently rehearsing some original music written by Franc Tetaz which will feature in the soundtrack. Chamber Choir will also be singing at the Poetry Evening on Thursday 6 June. 

Martin Arnold
Head of Music