Matilda is nearly here!

These last few days have been totally dominated by the crazy world of Matilda. What a massive undertaking! It is hard to think of any other Carey community activity which brings so many people together collaborating to tell the delightful story of Matilda Wormwood.

The material is so wonderful. Of course Roald Dahl’s stories are terrific. However it is very significant that Matilda was adapted by one of the world’s great subsidised theatre companies, the Royal Shakespeare Company. They took the artistically daring step of employing two young creatives who had never before written in the musical genre – playwright Dennis Kelly and composer Tim Minchin. There are so many layers in this show. Difference, standing up for what is right, forgiveness, bullying, and the use of imagination all have a role in the story.

We have had wonderful assistance from so many areas. Parents, friends, students and staff have been building sets (how many boxes?), collecting and making props, taking photos, serving meals to the cast and refreshments to the audience, coaching actors and singers, applying make-up, doing hair, collecting tickets and generally providing so much generous assistance. By the time our production of Matilda hits the stage there will probably be around 150 students involved as well as a huge group of parents, senior students, staff, experts and friends. It is a huge exercise in collaboration designed to connect with audiences and communicate an imaginative story. The cast, band and crew will need courage and resilience. This is our attributes in action!

There are a limited number of tickets remaining, book now so you don't miss out.

Martin Arnold
Head of Music