Making up for lost time through celebrations

After so many weeks without the opportunity to meet together and play music in groups, our Celebration Assemblies have provided a fantastic opportunity to have at least one final performance for the year. These assemblies, which are replacing our traditional Presentation Night, have allowed no fewer than five concert bands as well as three string groups, two choirs and our wonderful mandolin orchestra – over 300 students in total – to share some of their repertoire. As well as the musical ensembles, we had solo singing, a piano piece, public speaking and reflections from both students and staff. These three assemblies will be compiled into a single event which will be available for streaming shortly.

The last Performing Arts event on the Middle School calendar is the three performances of our Middle School play, our own adaptation of a Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. There is no hiding the fact that the preparation has been challenging, between lockdowns and the hugely busy camping, sport and activities program that we have been undertaking this term, but the cast has been managing magnificently. It has been a real privilege for our cast to work with David ‘DJ’ James, whose work with our young actors is so very impressive. Supporting the cast is an orchestra of 15 student musicians. Whilst the show is very much an ensemble show with all of the cast on stage throughout and many playing multiple roles, I would like to acknowledge the magnificent commitment of Conor Boussioutas who has taken on the demanding role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

What a year it has been! I hope all Carey families have a safe, happy and musical Christmas break. Looking forward to seeing many faces at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory auditions early in 2022!

Martin Arnold
Head of Music