Chaplain’s Corner – Middle School

Not sure what I enjoyed more on the first Tuesday in November, rediscovering plants in our backyard that had almost been covered by weeds, watching the ‘race that stops the nation’, emailing Martin Arnold a suggestion of Christmas carols which may be part of the end-of-year Middle School Christmas celebrations, or eating a fish-and-chip lunch with some of my family.

Each in their own way was an opportunity to think about what brings us peace. Recently in chapel we have been learning about the biblical character Job. In a conversation with God in Job 38, Job is prompted to refocus on the wonders of nature, the beauty of animals, the involvement of God in our world and the need to put others first. Job learns to give attention to the tasks at hand and the people in front of him. In today’s language, God encourages us to:

  • try to be present in every situation
  • find space to unplug
  • do things for yourself
  • spend more time interacting with God and his creation

Looking ahead to later this term, the Middle School SRC is planning to run a barbecue for Baptcare on Thursday 21 November to raise funds to buy presents. Additionally, any donations to Baptcare of toys, games, clothing, tinned foods etc can be dropped off at my office.

Any interested members of the Carey community are welcome to attend one of the Middle School Christmas services which are all scheduled to occur in the IWA:

  • Year 8 service on Wednesday 20 November starting at 10.20am
  • Year 7 service on Wednesday 4 December starting at 10.20am
  • Year 9 Heads Award Assembly Monday 9 December starting at 9.30am 

Finally, may the following prayer guide us and we know who are sitting various forms of assessment in the coming days:

Let us pray.

Loving God, help us to do our best to fulfil the potential you have given us. Help us to stay calm, to keep things in perspective and be content with the best we can do on any given day. Help us to look out for our family and friends who need a bit of encouragement and to always remember that the real test is to remember you in our decision making and to treat others in ways we would like to be treated. Amen.

Scott Bramley
Middle School Chaplain