Chaplain's Corner – Middle School

This week in chapel, staff and students have been reflecting on the need to trust God and challenge all those who do the wrong thing. The theme was rejection, and those in attendance were encouraged to see how some leaders misuse their power and position. Drawing on how an ancient Egyptian leader dismissed the efforts of Moses and other biblical figures to let people be released from slavery, we discussed how best to keep doing good when others do not do good things. Perhaps if you feel that you want to reject someone else’s efforts, instead reject the idea that life is all about you. Reject being too absorbed in your own challenges to see that others are also hurting.

The story of Moses is a reminder that while you may not have the power to control who rejects you, you do have the ability to make others feel loved and accepted for who they are. The story suggests to readers today that it is better to be rejected than to have never tried in the first place.

Just a brief note in looking ahead: any member of the Carey community is welcome to come to the Middle School Easter services on either Wednesday 27 March (Year 8) or Wednesday 3 April (Year 7 and 9) from 10.20–11.05am in the IWA.

Given that we are moving into the church season of Lent may the following prayer guide our decision making.

Eternal God, maker of heaven and earth, have mercy on us.
For turning away from your presence, for disobeying your word and commandments, forgive us, Lord.
For trusting in our own strength instead of yours, for betraying your trust and the trust of others, forgive us, Lord.
For damaging this earth and exploiting its creatures, for neglecting and wasting the gifts you have given us, forgive us, Lord.
For failing to forgive as we have been forgiven. for judging others and bearing grudges, forgive us, Lord.
For skimping on our commitments and relationships, for failing in hospitality, forgive us, Lord.
For tolerating oppression, injustice, and wrong, for keeping silent when we should have spoken up, forgive us, Lord.
Loving God, help us to slow down and to listen to you and to others. Help us to see you and your plans for us each day and to respond in ways that help others. Amen. 

Scott Bramley
Middle School Chaplain