Chaplain’s Corner – Middle School

Recently I was reminded of the wonderful support we receive from others within the Carey community. Last week, some members of my family took my son in Year 2 to basketball training at a local sports complex. The team is made up of players from across the various Year 2 Carey Kew classes, providing a great opportunity to get to know other Carey families.

Unfortunately while at training, my relative slipped over and was unable to stand. Until I arrived after excusing myself from assisting at the Year 9 and 10 Table Tennis training at Bulleen, my relative was cared for and comforted by Year 2 Carey students, Carey parents and other concerned bystanders. Thank you to all those who provided assistance and comfort until the ambulance arrived. I am grateful that we have such a strong and supportive community.

This display of community through word and deed is something Jesus valued. This week in Middle School chapel, those in attendance were asked to reflect on how they engage with community. American Psychologist Doctor John Townsend suggests that we can deal with failure by having a healthy and accurate self-image, and you can use this process to help others to reflect as well: Firstly reflect on Disappointment: That was disappointing; I’m sad about this. Secondly, Leaning on God: I need God’s help and wisdom in this. Thirdly, Support: I need to call my friend about this. Then fourthly, Learning: What was my contribution to this problem? What do I need to change? Finally, Adaptation: It’s time to try things a different way. (

Hopefully this will remain a standard process for those who are involved within the Carey community. 

Finally, may the following prayer help guide decision making in the coming days.

Let us pray.

Loving God, you are merciful and forgiving. Grant that those who are suffering the hurts of the past may experience your generous love. Heal their memories, comfort them, and send them all from here renewed and hopeful; we ask these things through your son who came to bring home those who are lost. Amen.

Scott Bramley
Middle School Chaplain