Enhancing maths learning online

As learning continues to take place remotely, the Mathematics teaching team has reflected on the benefits of our online systems for Carey students. The two distinct positive themes emerging over this time include the power of online Canvas quizzes as formative feedback and the development of independent learning and inquiry.

Revolutionising assessments
Homework sheets are so 2019.

No longer will take-home worksheets be used for formative assessment. Canvas online quizzes are a great teaching and learning tool that are being effectively implemented in Maths classes across the school. These quizzes enable teachers to set varying lengths of formative practice while students receive immediate feedback.

Middle and Senior School Maths teacher Sue Walpole tells us, ‘I will never go back to producing paper homework sheets for my classes – it is very hard to say my dog ate the homework when it is all online!’

With a Canvas quiz, as students answer each question, they are provided with specific feedback and suggestions as to what their strengths or misconceptions are. Students can then evaluate where they need to apply their efforts to improve their understanding of concepts.

The independent learner
While engaging with specific materials online, students in maths are developing the ability to think, act and learn independently. An example of this is the way that Middle School students are utilising video resources created by the Mathematics teaching team. Clear, step-by-step instructions and explanations on how to solve mathematical examples and questions are referenced for each concept. Students can watch the videos before or after lessons to help consolidate their understanding or extend themselves. COVID-19 is empowering Carey Mathematics students to become independent learners.

Across all year levels in maths, class conferences are recorded, enabling students to revisit the examples and class discussions when they encounter challenges during their practice at home. With the online resources, conferences can be shorter and students can access the learning at a time that suits them and their individual learning needs. As a Year 7 student stated, ‘I work better because I have time to finish my work and not get stressed about it.’

To support our students, the Mathematics learning area has continued to offer Study Hall after school. Moving Study Hall from onsite to a remote offering has provided students with the same level of support they received prior to COVID restrictions. Carey students can log in to a Microsoft Teams call and receive direct assistance for their individual specific concern.

Remote learning has presented challenges and opportunities for improved teaching and learning. Technology is supporting our students to receive timely feedback, be independent and take control of their learning as well as providing easy access to support. Working in an ‘online classroom’ is helping our students thrive in their Mathematical learning and grow as individuals.

Kylie Slaney
Leader of Learning – Mathematics