Marrma' Rom: Natasha and Emma, Year 10

Marrma’ Rom translates to ‘two worlds, two cultures or two belief systems’ in Yolngu Matha, the language of the people in Arnhem Land. In Term 3, Steele House had the honour of hearing from the Marrma’ Rom Foundation.

The Marrma’ Rom Foundation is based in Geelong and works with Indigenous men and women from Arnhem Land to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian culture. The Foundation is a leadership program that empowers young students and provides them with the opportunity to receive a quality education while also learning the skills to become independent young people. CEO, Cam Begg, also believes that closing the gap does not require a quick fix approach. Instead, the Foundation gives its participants the opportunity to understand more about the Western culture in order to minimise the gap between the two cultures.

Steele House has chosen to support Marrma’ Rom to help them continue their great work with Indigenous youth. It was great to have Cam visit Carey with Justina and Evelyn, two students from the program, to explain the challenges that face Indigenous Australians and how we can all contribute to closing the divide. As young people ourselves, it was inspiring to hear about their work and how the funds we raise are used to support Indigenous students. 

As Carey students it is important for us to understand the incredible opportunities and privileges we often take for granted. The struggles of the First Australians are very real yet often seem very remote from our day-to-day lives. Hearing about the work of Marrma’ Rom and listening to Justina and Evelyn talk about the program, their aspirations and opportunities helped us to engage with a very real problem that concerns all Australians. Steele House is excited to be supporting such a great foundation and humbled to know that their contributions will help ‘close the gap’ between the two cultures.

Natasha and Emma
Year 10 Steele students