Research shows the importance of reading with your children – even after they can read

A Year 7 parent I was talking to about reading was surprised when I suggested she should continue reading aloud with her child. She had thought that once her child could read that she should be leaving her child to do it alone. On the contrary, reading a book together supports children and teenagers as they read and should continue for as long as both parties are happy to continue. Reading together, especially in the early chapters of a book can really help to get the child ‘into’ their book as getting started and connecting with the characters and the story is often the hardest part of reading. Taking turns reading alternate pages can also work really well. Connecting with your children over books is an enriching and rewarding experience. It is a special time where you can share a laugh, discuss how much you like (or dislike) a character, predict the direction of the story and sometimes discuss some important issues. The Conversation has a number of great articles related to reading and this article with a similar heading to this piece is significant. With the holidays coming up, make sure your family is able to enjoy some reading time!

Marg Moran
Acting Head of CLI Library