What are LibGuides?

LibGuides are an easy-to-use resource management system used by libraries worldwide. At Carey, we use LibGuides to organise class and subject specific resources as well as to share information about areas of interest more generally across the school.

The LibGuides created by the Centre for Learning and Innovation (CLI) Library can be found on CareyLink using the Library Resources link and then CLI Library link. Our LibGuides are organised into Middle and Senior School groupings and then by subject.

Our LibGuides curate resources across a range of formats and include links to specific Carey resources:

  • E-Books and Print Books
  • Online Encyclopedias
  • Online Subject databases (History, Science, Heath & Medicine, Biography, Literature, and World Religions)
  • Online Media (ClickView and Learn 360)
  • News and Article databases (Echo, Global Issues & AU/NZ Reference Centre)
  • Curated Websites across a range of subject areas (Library Webs and Spinney Press Web Links)
  • Library Catalogue (Books and Websites)

Further to this, expert library staff search for relevant and appropriate resources online and curate those in LibGuides.

Information regarding Referencing using the Harvard, Chicago and APA styles is also provided within a LibGuide and added to all LibGuides where students are doing research-based work.

Search Tips and other valuable information skills, like learning to Evaluate Websites, are also provided on LibGuides.

See below the LibGuide created for Science Week. It can be found in the LibGuide Science folder on Careylink as per directions given above.

All LibGuides include a link to further help from library staff. This is especially important if anything is unclear or not working in the LibGuide. It is also important that Senior School students undertaking complex research access the expert help and advice of trained librarians to find good resources and ensure they are referencing correctly.

Need help? Please contact the CLI Library and a library staff member will respond within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Marg Moran
Acting Head of CLI Library