Visiting musicians enriching the JSK music program

‘Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.’
– E.Y. Harburg

Jazz violin interactive concert
Jazz violinist and improviser Julian Ferraretto visited Carey to conduct workshops, lessons, and present an interactive concert. Featuring Cameron on electric guitar, Julian performed some classic jazz standards and some of his own compositions, working through a wide range of styles and employing some rather fancy pedal effects including looping, reverb, delay, and some bizarre noises. Attentive Year 4 to 6 string students had a taste of what happens when your standard violin gets plugged into an amp for extra power and effect, as well as exposure to the wonderful world of Jazz and improvisation. Many thanks to our string staff, Zac Johnston and Pauline Thomson, for facilitating this wonderful event.

Year 5 African drumming
As part of their African Music unit, Year 5 students are working closely with a master drummer from Senegal. To date, Bouba has taught each class a drum ‘call’ and explored the three sounds that the djembe can make: tone, slap and bass. Year 5s are thoroughly enjoying the challenge involved in learning purely by listening and developing hand drum techniques. As well as learning how to play the djembe, Year 5s were very keen to learn more about Bouba’s background and his cultural and musical heritage from his homeland in Western Africa. Year 5s will have another session with Bouba where they learn a traditional song and dance.

Timothy Barker
Head of Junior School Music