From the International Baccalaureate

At the moment, our International Baccalaureate students are extremely busy. The end of the year is fast approaching, and our Year 12 students are working productively to submit the final internal assessment components of their subject courses.

Whether it be an exploration, an investigation, a lab experiment, an exhibition, a portfolio, an essay or an individual oral, students have been engaged to produce the best of themselves and, by doing so, have continued to develop many of the IB learner profile attributes. As a result, they have applied so many learning skills developed throughout the last two years, such as communication, thinking, social, and self-management – such as organisation and time management. Last Saturday, IB Theatre students, supported by their teachers, dedicated the whole day to performing their solo pieces, the last component of the Higher Level course, externally assessed but done in school, and I was amazed by their talents.

Earlier on in the year, the students had attended a workshop with Theatre Director and IB Examiner Joachim Matchsos. What a wonderful opportunity that Joachim was able to come back on Saturday and give them individual feedback on their practice presentations. The application of theory and knowledge of the practitioners was outstanding. I was particularly touched by their vulnerability as performers and, at the same time, by their confidence to express their own ideas about the world. It was also heartwarming to see the group work together so caringly and collaboratively in a supportive way despite the task being a solo performance.

Many Year 12 students have now completed their Creativity Activity Service component, and over the last two years they have collectively completed 12,216 hours of experiences which have enabled them to develop affective skills such as perseverance, resilience and self-motivation. The IB CAS programme builds on Carey’s reputation for community service and social justice. Whilst many students use Carey co-curricular activities to evidence this part of the IB programme, they also go beyond the school and it is pleasing to see them involved in a variety of charities locally and even globally.

Meanwhile, it is an exciting time for Year 11 IB students as they started their Extended Essay at the start of the term, and they will be conducting their literature review next week with a view to getting their area of research confirmed by our expert teacher-supervisors. Term 4 will mainly be dedicated to conducting more research and, maybe even in some cases, Term 4 will see the start of writing the academic 4000-word piece.

In all areas of the IB, I have recently seen collaboration, reflection, critical thinking, and application of knowledge in a principled way. These skills will certainly benefit the students at university.

Frédérique Petithory
IB Co-ordinator