Student Services at Carey is an integrated support area consisting of Counsellors and Psychologists, School Officers, Nurses and Administrative personnel. Its primary role is to provide a safe place where students can receive help and direction when trying to manage social, emotional and medical challenges that impact on their academic, social or personal lives.  

The staff is guided by the conceptual framework of Positive Education, fostering an environment of hope and optimism, and promoting the notion of thriving.

All Students Services staff work within the boundaries of consent and confidentiality. Duty of care is a priority.

Counsellors provide confidential counselling support for students as well as consultation for parents and staff. Counsellors manage Safety Plans and liaise with external health professionals in a partnership of student support.

Counsellors also play an important role in the Pastoral Care and House system by collaborating with House and teaching staff in delivering programs that educate students about a range of issues including managing anxiety, personal safety, risk taking and protective measures around mental health issues.

The School Officers’ primary role is to ensure the safety of all students at Carey. Serious issues concerning student behaviour, incidents concerning the school community and student presentation are investigated and managed in a professional manner. School Officers focus on making their interactions a learning experience for students and work closely with staff and parents to facilitate positive change practices when necessary.

The Carey Health Centre is staffed by registered nurses and caters for all students, staff and visitors. Nurses not only treat physical injuries that occur on site, they are also involved in facilitating vaccinations. In addition, nurses educate and train both students and staff about a range of medical conditions and interventions including anaphylaxis, asthma and CPR.