We hope you had a ball!

The Carey Celebrates Gala Ball was held to great success on Saturday 20 July at the Crown Palladium. A Carey Gala Ball Feedback Survey has been sent to all families and the Committee will report on the results of this survey in the coming weeks. In the meantime, an extract of the speech given by Angela Valentine at the Ball on behalf of the Committee is below.

‘Good Evening Friends,

‘On behalf of the combined Carey Parents Associations, I’d like to warmly welcome you all to the whole-school Carey Celebrates Gala Ball. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, staff member or Old Carey Grammarian, we’re here tonight to celebrate the vibrancy, strength and unity of our wonderful school community.

‘Each of the four Parents Associations work actively every year to organise and run events to promote a sense of community and connectedness, to foster and encourage co-operation between ourselves, our students and the School, and to hopefully role model the importance of leadership, engagement and participation to our children.

‘The inaugural Whole-School Ball was held here at Crown Palladium just two years ago. At the time, the Parents Associations were stepping into relatively unchartered territory; a Whole-School Ball had not been held for over 10 years. The 2017 Ball was an outstanding success; there was a buzz in the room which was palpable. When I announced that there were to be no formal presentations or preceedings, the room burst into applause. Hence, when the Committee came together to commence planning for this Ball, we were reasonably confident that we had the winning formula.

‘When the event opened online, TryBooking went into meltdown; frustrating purchasers and organisers alike. Who would have thought that 770 tickets would sell out in under six hours? The Committee sincerely regrets that many of our parents missed out on tickets and we acknowledge their disappointment, however on the positive side, it’s a reflection of the engagement and spirit of our School community.

‘Tonight is a celebration of our families, our friendships and our community. It is an opportunity to have a dance, relax, enjoy each other’s company, reacquaint with friends and make new connections.

‘In closing, I’d like to thank my wonderful organising committee. You have all done an outstanding job and have been an absolute pleasure and delight to work with. I would also like to thank Julianne Brandon, Director of Community Engagement and her team who have embraced this event and actively supported us in making it come about.

‘To everyone here tonight, I would like to thank you for showing your support for this event, I hope that you have a Ball!’

Carey Gala Ball Committee
Titilayo Adetunji, Sofie Carfi, Sam Carroll, Priscilla Duncan, Kathy He, Suzanne Knox, Geordie Nehme, Vickie Pahos, Richard Thomas, Kirrily Turnbull and Angela Valentine (Ball Co-ordinator).