Whole School Gala Ball Survey Results

Thank you to all the respondents who completed the Whole School Ball survey and provided detailed feedback. In total we received 231 formal responses and the Committee has also received a significant amount of indirect feedback. Your feedback helps us to plan and deliver an event that the community wants, attends and enjoys.

The survey results are in and can be found in detail on the Gala Ball event page on CareyLink. The 2017 results are also available for review.

The survey headlines are as follows:

  • The results are very consistent across the two surveys and have given the Committee and the School great confidence in planning the next Carey Ball in 2021.
  • The current Gala Ball format of being held every two years and being a purely social event is overwhelmingly preferred by 68% of respondents in 2019 and 66% in 2017.
  • Both Gala Balls have provided the clear majority of attendees with a very good to excellent overall experience.
  • Attendance was from right across the parent group, from those that had just started at Carey to those who had been at the School for more than 10 years.

The Committee would like to acknowledge the support of Community Engagement in working with the Ball Committee to deliver the event, particularly Julianne Brandon and the Marketing and Communications Team.

We would also like offer a huge thanks to Terry Dear for his wonderful graphic design work in developing the Carey Ball logo and look and feel of the event.

Gala Ball 2021
We are planning to offer a larger event in 2021 and anticipate that there will be a change to the ticketing process for the next Ball. Further details about ticketing for 2021 will be communicated by the new Committee.

Join Us
A number of our Committee will be leaving Carey prior to the next Ball and we would like to acknowledge their hard work and dedication in developing this event over the last five years: Angela Valentine (Co-ordinator Extraordinaire), Titilayo Adetunji (Bookings Queen) and Suzanne Knox (Committed Carey Volunteer).

If you are interested in joining the 2021 Ball Committee, please contact Sofie Carfi at carfisofie@gmail.com

Thank you for your support of the event and we look forward to seeing you at the next Ball!

Angela Valentine, Sofie Carfi, Titilayo Adetunji, Kirrily Turnbull, Vickie Pahos, Suzanne Knox, Kathy He, Claudine Collins, Ben Claydon, Richard Thomas, Geordie Nehme, Priscilla Duncan and Sam Carroll
Whole School Ball Committee