Fostering a culture of giving

On regular occasions I remind our girls, boys and staff that we have a great future in Australia. We are also privileged to work and learn in a school like Carey, with its wealth of opportunities. With opportunity comes responsibility to use such privilege to the best of our ability and to serve, care and give to those less fortunate than ourselves. We also have a responsibility to support our school.

Carey’s position as a leading independent school has not been achieved by accident. It has been the result of great generosity and hard work, a legacy built by former and current staff, students, parents, volunteers, and Board members. These individuals have givengenerously of their time, talent and money. The following story remind us of the importance of creating a legacy:

The fruit we eat comes from trees planted by someone else.
We must plant tress for those who will follow us.
As the orchard grows, so does the community, expanding in presence to the available fruit.
For any community to grow and excel, it must contain those willing to establish trees to support those who will follow.
In each community, the people who plant the trees are the leaders.
It is the responsibility of the leader to nurture the young plants until they can stand on their own.
Leadership takes many practical forms, but at its core is always the sharing of skills with a view to reaching a common goal.

(Source Unknown)

Recently you should have received Carey’s 2018 Annual Giving appeal via post. This appeal gives every member of the Carey community – parents, staff, Old Grammarians, suppliers and friends – the opportunity to support our school.

I ask that you and your family strongly consider supporting Carey. This will assist Carey to provide additional resources and opportunities to current and future generations of students. With your support we will able to deliver on the School’s values and plans for the future at a pace far quicker than would otherwise be possible. This year’s appeal offers a wide range of choice, such as means tested humanitarian scholarships and bursaries, inspiring buildings, and library resources.

Your gift, no matter its size, will be appreciated. Please contribute to the Carey orchard so it can bear plentiful and healthy fruit for many years to come. For more information, please visit our website.