The Carey Staff Wellbeing Program is about developing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. The concept of wellbeing represents a proactive stance towards health in all its aspects, and explores ways we can actively work towards a happy and fulfilling life. However, wellbeing is more than just happiness; it’s about developing as a person, having a meaningful and purposeful life, having supportive and loving relationships, and an appreciation of the world and environment in which we live.

We understand that at different points in a career and in life that the challenges we face can be difficult. We provide regular seminars, workshops and activities to promote staff wellbeing and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) gives staff access to a professional wellbeing and counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting members of our staff at work or at home.

We also understand that starting a new job, especially a first job, can provide a few challenges, so a Professional Mentor is chosen to help each of our new staff members through the process of settling into their role. Mentors are trusted partners who are there to provide new staff with a safe environment to discuss work-related issues and explore solutions to challenges; offer insights into the way the school works; help plan ways through difficulties and help clarify the mentee's perspective; and to listen, advise and inspire.