Enabling students to have a positive impact on the world

Innovation is part of our DNA at Carey. We are constantly seeking to reach beyond the world of education to better understand the future our students will face. We ensure our teaching and learning is constantly evolving so that Carey students are prepared to thrive in the future.

When students make choices about which subjects they will do and are able to take ownership of their learning, their engagement with the learning transforms their experience and gives them a sense of hope for the future. This is why we offer a broad range of elective programs to accompany core subjects in the Middle School at Carey.

Some of our bravest changes come as we re-imagine the extensive electives on offer to promote collaborative problem-solving for real-world issues. We have been trialling and testing new approaches that focus on building not only content knowledge, but also attributes like collaboration, curiosity and imagination. Our recent iteration of programs has been more about pedagogical change through the development of double electives, project-based learning and modules which provide choice and the opportunity to problem solve as part of a team.

One such subject is ‘Changemakers’ (pictured, cleaning up St Kilda Beach!), which encourages students to develop an understanding of issues affecting people in our communities. You can read more about Changemakers here. Carey has been shortlisted for an Australian Education Award for Innovation in Curriculum Design for the work we have done with Changemakers at Year 8. This is testament to the effort put into developing this unit, and encourages us to continue to provide new opportunities for our students.

Throughout their Middle School journey our students also experience some deep dives into important learning experiences through programs like the Human Rights Convention and Environmental Week. This year, in recognition of the new types of learning that our students need in 2019, the Year 7s will participate in the first Enterprise Week. It provides the opportunity for students to participate in learning that is creative and collaborative and develops the capabilities that are highly valued in our rapidly changing and globalised world. All Year 7 students will be required to actively use Carey’s Attributes of a Positive Learner throughout the week, under the domains of Thinking, Relationships and Self-Management.

Enterprise Week encourages the students to become more adaptable whilst developing a deeper understanding through a real-world problem-solving experience. Old Carey Grammarians, teachers, higher education students and broader community members support the students throughout the program by sharing their expertise, knowledge and skills. The program aims to prepare students to understand their responsibility in becoming positive change agents for the future. It will also provide opportunities for students to develop the understanding, attitudes and values they will need to flourish in and shape their world.

The latter three days of the program involves the Year 7 students undertaking an illuminate:nextgen Challenge to design a social enterprise that supports the local community. They do this by undertaking project-based learning in order to develop a product or service, prototype it and design a business case to make a positive difference. Students work in teams to explore and develop essential skills that are necessary to enable them to thrive now and in the future.

All Year 7 parents are invited to attend a demonstration of the students’ projects and the awards ceremony at the end of the week, on Friday 28 June at 2.15pm.

We are constantly seeking feedback on our programs and imagining new ways to prepare our wise, independent, motivated learners for the future.

Leanne Guillon
Deputy Principal