From the Deputy Head of Senior School

It is a very active and engaged time in the Senior School. The Year 12 students have two weeks of School remaining, and have their heads down trying to make the most of their opportunities here and working to get the best out of themselves. The new building has certainly lifted spirits and it is fantastic. It is a time of mixed emotions, with excitement of finishing mixed with a sense of sadness, and also uncertainty about the future. Staff are working hard to support students through this time and help them transition to the next stage of life.

Meanwhile, the Year 11s are building towards becoming the ‘elder statespeople’ of the School, and taking on the responsibilities that come with this. Part of this transition involves the student leadership process. Over 100 students had the courage to put themselves out there and apply for a place on the team of 36 leaders, and we thank them all for this. For those who miss out, this will cause initial disappointment and the challenge for these students is to stick to their values and try to take advantage of the many other formal and informal leadership opportunities on offer. It is vital to recognise that this is such a competitive process and some very good students, who are held in very high esteem by students and staff alike, may miss out.

Our Year 10s are into their second semester at Senior School and have had some time to reflect on their first experience of exams and subsequent feedback. It is crucial that students address any necessary changes and work towards establishing the work habits and techniques required to optimise their performance in the final years of their schooling. The Year 10s are also off on Camps and Enrichment tomorrow, and will have many opportunities to challenge themselves in fun and different ways.

So, as always, there is so much going on and we continue to encourage our students to take and optimise these opportunities, while maintaining balance and wellbeing.

Tom Rickards
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Welfare