From the Deputy Head of Middle School

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Professional footballer, ballerina, personal trainer, dog breeder, archaeologist, journalist, health scientist, farmer, chippy, or fashion designer. Sound familiar? As our children explore the world around them, listen to family members, and discover their own hopes and dreams, all sorts of careers start to appeal to them. Young teenagers generally change their minds every few weeks, and are heavily influenced by what their friends are currently thinking. Often, they have no idea of what the career really involves, how you would train for it, or whether it links well with their individual strengths and interests. Young teenagers also have no idea what 21st Century career success will look like, no concept of how often they may actually change careers as they grow, and no understanding of what actually might make them happy!

For all these reasons, Carey aims to provide a very broad Middle School curriculum with a focus on educating the whole child. The recently released Victorian Curriculum seems to support this with its Breadth Stage (Years 3 – 8) where ‘students have the opportunity to engage fully with all learning areas and capabilities, with a focus of English, Mathematics and Science’. The Years 9 and 10 Pathways Stage continues with the theme as ‘students engage in a broad education and begin to plan their senior secondary program of study’.

Carey has a firm commitment to the study of Health, Religion, Languages, Outdoor Education, and Interdisciplinary learning. As such, many of our breadth subjects are compulsory. However, there is also room for student choice in our curriculum. Over the next few weeks all students are being briefed on the range of subjects that are on offer at Carey. Core Enrichment units are designed to allow students to take in-depth studies in core areas of the curriculum. Elective units provide opportunities for students to select studies in areas of special interest. House Mentors will also be helping students make their selections.

The subject choices for Year 8 (2017) and Year 9 (2017) students are shown below and more information about each subject is available from CareyLink under Pathways. Students are also required to select a Summer and Winter Co-curricular activity. Please remember that it is important for students to select subjects which are of interest to them, build new skills, can be successfully completed, and allow them to try something new. It is important to note that three new computing electives are available in 2017.

Year 10 (2017) students and parent should attend the Year 10 Information Evening tonight (Thursday 21 July), and they will get further assistance in House and via email.

The 2017 timetable is built around each students’ choices and so it is important that you have helped your child complete the Online Web Preferences for Subject Selections, and also printed and signed the Subject Selection form by Thursday 4 August. Yes, that’s right, you should not be watching the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony unless subject selections are completed! If I can help in any way, please contact the Middle School Curriculum office on 9816 1281.

Meredith Plaisted
Deputy Head of Middle School – Student Learning