da Vinci Decathlon: Daniel, Year 7

Eight eager Year 7 students – Kevin, Daniel, Harry, Chloe, Joseph, Benji, Sarah and Anna – were selected to represent Carey at the da Vinci Decathlon hosted by Methodist Ladies College (MLC). The da Vinci Decathlon, named after the great thinker and scholar Leonardo da Vinci, is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students compete in teams of eight across 10 challenging disciplines (Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Engineering, Ideation, Creative Production, Art & Poetry, Cartography and General Knowledge) against other schools in the region. Some schools sent more than one team and on the day, there were a total of thirty Year 7 teams competing. The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Landscapes’.

There were three sessions throughout the day and in between two of these, MLC treated us to a massive cupcake each.

The tasks that were presented were really broad and encouraged deep thinking. The key to answering these questions was imagination. For example, in Art & Poetry, we had to compose a poem to be placed in a piece of artwork, which showed the new triumphing over the old.

The venue was a huge hall with a stage and each team was allocated a table. Although a full-day may seem like a long time, the questions were of a high calibre and there was much to tackle. Through co-operation and encouragement, we silently toiled through the different tasks set before us.

In the end, I am proud to say we were awarded first place in both Mathematics and Cartography, and came 10th overall. Without a doubt, this competition was a very enjoyable and academically enriching experience. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Nguyen and Ms Bosevski for their tireless efforts in training and organising our team, and for accompanying and supervising us at MLC. Our achievements were indeed made possible by their incredible commitment and enthusiasm.

Year 7 Student