Chaplain’s Corner – Middle School

As Term 1 draws to a close, we look forward to the Easter break and reflect on the lessons we have learnt in chapel throughout the term. We have discussed and studied the story of Moses and the resilience he showed throughout his journey. He faced many difficulties, but with the support of God, he was able to overcome them for the good of his people.

This week, in the Middle School Easter service, we talked about what it means to be ‘on God’s side’, and questioned if God takes sides at all.

Whatever you do and experience in the coming days may you all have a restful break and may the following prayer help guide your decision making. 

Let us pray.
God of every time and place, thank you for sending your Son into our world to bring us back to you. Help us to trust you when things do not go the way we would like and to rely on you more when they do.
May you give us resilience, wisdom, compassion and understanding as we choose to be on your side and treat others in ways we would all like to be treated.
Help us to do what you want and to continue to attempt great things for you and for others as we wait for your Kingdom to come. Amen.

Scott Bramley
Middle School Chaplain