Chaplain’s Corner

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, we had yet another inspiring Chapel Service based on the theme of ‘Courage’. Our speaker represented the McAuley Foundation run by the Sisters of Mercy. The McAuley Foundation provides shelter, hope and support for women and children who are subjected to abuse – generally by a male partner. A couple of statistics I found alarming are that over 65,000 cases of domestic violence are reported each year (and I would suspect many more would go unreported) and one third of females will suffer abuse of some description. I applaud the work of the McAuley Foundation who help rebuild self-esteem and provide a pathway to a life free from fear and violence. I thought about our society and of what really goes on behind closed doors and the debilitating impact of violence and the misuse of power in relationships.

I thought about the example of Jesus and how He invited women into the extended band of his disciples. I thought about His every recorded interaction with females – all of which were marked by compassion, respect and absolute integrity, even to those whom society had rejected as unworthy.

I am thankful that I was at the Chapel. I heard some things that were confronting, yet I also heard of an organisation that was committed to giving hope and providing new possibilities. May God bless the Sisters of Mercy and every other organisation that works to improve life for people who feel trapped in a situation they feel is hopeless.

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain