Chaplain’s Corner

Yesterday, Middle and Senior Schools held their annual Anzac Day Assemblies. As always, it was a very moving Assembly, as we recalled those from within the Carey Community who responded to the call to become involved and possibly sacrifice their life in doing so. The names of each who made the supreme sacrifice were read out individually. Each name represents a family and friendship network who at some stage during the war would have received the news they all would have dreaded receiving.

During the service, we also paused to reflect upon the sacrifice, and we paused to reflect upon how blessed we are because of their willingness to go, knowing they may not return. We owe them so much. Their willingness to sacrifice calls for us all to be appreciative and in debt to them. Their willingness to sacrifice challenges self-centredness and helps us keep a perspective. As the Bible says: ‘There is no greater love than the willingness to lay down our lives for another’. On Anzac Day, and even in the days leading up to it, may we all find some time to reflect and thank God for the land in which we live, and also thank him for those who sacrificed so much so that we might enjoy so much.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain