Chaplain’s Corner

Those of you who live in the City of Boroondara will most likely have received a blue bag into which you have been invited to place some non-perishable food items for collection on Sunday 1 May. This is an initiative of the churches in this area and is worthy of our support. Last year this food drive was given items to the value of $86,000. This year the target is $100,000. These items will be distributed to welfare organisations, such as Anglicare and the Salvation Army, who are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demand. I commend the churches on this initiative and I also commend the people of Boroondara for their support.

We will most likely never know the people to whom these items go, but we do know that it will ease some of the financial pressure they are under. It will also show them that there are people in the community who are considerate and understanding of their plight. Giving some items will also be a great encouragement to the people who work (volunteer) for the welfare organisations in this area. It is always more satisfying to say ‘Yes we can help you’, rather than say ‘Sorry the high demand means that we have nothing for you’. Let’s do what we can to help others for whom life is often lived on the edge in a range of areas.

May God bless you and your family,

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain