Chaplain’s Corner

It would be fair to say that I don’t have a brilliant sense of direction. I generally make it to my office each day, but it does take me some time to get orientated in a new city. Last weekend I attended a wedding in Canberra and although the circular road system makes getting lost almost impossible, it was the flagpole at Parliament House that was my greatest help. As long as I could see it, I was totally relaxed. Fortunately it is highly visible, so driving around a city I had not been to for 20 years was relatively stress free. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to take that flagpole to every new city I visit!

Markers are important. They keep us orientated, they stop us from getting lost. We all need markers in our lives. The love and security of family is an important marker in life. It motivates our thinking and behaviour. Our commitment to our family means that we say no to some things that will not serve our family well. Our own personal value system is another marker, for it provides a strong guide when making difficult decisions.

We don’t want to violate our integrity and so this marker helps us clarify our thinking before we decide on a course of action. Our faith is another marker. To ask the old question: ‘What would Jesus do in these circumstances?’ helps provide a framework for decision making. We all need markers, or we are in danger of just drifting because of a lack of reference points. What are the reference points in your life? Family, integrity and faith have proved excellent and reliable markers over the years.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain