Chaplain’s Corner

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, the rain was coming down, the trees were swaying in the gusty wind, and the sky was grey. It seems that the extended spell of warm weather is finally over and the seasons have clearly changed. I appreciate the various seasons of the year, for each has its own special and unique features. To come in from the cold and enjoy some fabulous soup as the heating kicks in is something to savour. With the passing of each season, we are reminded of how quickly time passes and how we need to savour those special moments because some will never come again.

Last Saturday we travelled to Geelong to spend the day with the wider family and both of our mothers. Looking around the room watching cousins, who once had to be taught how to share and how to speak to one another, now relating as adults reminded me of the how quickly time passes and how family bonds are so special. In the past, both our mothers loved spending time in the garden and now watch as others do. In the past, they would have been baking cakes and preparing a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate Mothers Day, but those days have also passed. Such is the cycle of life.

I don’t always savour the moment as much as I should, but I do savour the times when I am with family and friends because they are precious. This weekend it was once again affirmed to me the things that really matter and how blessed I am to be born into the family I was, to have had the opportunities I have had because I live in this land, for I am also aware that sadly for so many in our world such blessings are almost unimaginable.

Let us all learn to savour those lovely moments.

May God bless you and your family,

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain