Chaplain’s Corner

One of my delights first thing in the morning is when I am leaving for a walk I often see two magpies sitting on the powerlines, warbling. What a fabulous way to start each day! One day last week, it was not the magpies that caught my eye, but rather the interior light in my car which had been on all night. The subsequent ‘click, click’ of the ignition meant that my plans for a brisk walk had changed somewhat.

Rather than my feet pounding the pavement, I was now on the lookout for the RACV man. The upshot was that I needed a new battery, but there was one other problem to solve – how to get the radio going? The code was missing and the people from whom I bought the car were no help. So rather than listening to Fran Kelly on the way to work, and then Tom Elliott on the way home, I sat in silence.

At first it was difficult to cope with, for I am so used to having the radio or CD player on. I realise that I like being surrounded by noise – that not being stimulated by the thoughts and opinions of others is not something I readily embrace. Yet it is now a week since I had the radio on, and I have survived okay – at least I think I have, if you have another opinion please don’t tell me!

In the normal course of my life I don’t make enough room for quietness or stillness. The Bible encourages times of quietness and stillness, for it is in those times we can experience the presence of God which brings renewal and faith. But even beyond the spiritual benefits of quietness, there is also the benefit of taking some time out from the constant noise of our lives. It provides a good opportunity to simply think.

May God’s peace be in both the noise and the silence of our lives.

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain