Chaplain’s Corner

There is one thing in particular that those who study and write about wellbeing are all in agreement about. For a person to experience a measure of wellbeing they need to have significant and secure relationships and be committed to doing acts of kindness to others. Kind people look beyond themselves to see what they can do to improve life for others. Self-centred living works against wellbeing, whereas a kind and generous outlook promotes it.

This past week students across the campuses have looked at ways in which we as a community can express kindness and support to those suffering due to the drought gripping so much of our nation. We held fundraisers and activities as a way of raising awareness of the plight of farmers. One lunchtime in Senior School we partook in line dancing. When the dance instructor was told the reason for the session, he offered his time free. On Monday morning students brought in a donation and at lunchtime there was a bake sale. So many people contributed to the bake sale that there were cakes left over. By Monday afternoon, we had already raised approximately $9000, and I look forward to seeing how much we can raise by the end of the week.

The experience of working together to assist others going through a difficult time has a delightful by-product of enriching our lives. Generous people who seek ways to invest in others do not just bless others, they receive a blessing themselves. The pre-eminent authority on wellbeing once said, ‘It is more blessed to give, than it is to receive.’ These words of Jesus are just as true today as they were when he spoke them 2000 years ago.

Be kind to others and yourself.

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain